Iphone Accessories

There are two main types of iPhone accessories. Those suited to the iPhone 6, and those suited to the rest. When the iPhone 6 was released, there was a shortage of accessories made to fit. This is because the iPhone 6 has different dimensions, being taller and thinner than the iPhone 5, while still the same width; the iPhone 6 also has the lightning cable socket, which means that all available speaker docks and charging stations did not work with the iPhone 6. An adaptor was released to make the sockets compatible, but this was an inelegant and clumsy fix.

This change in dimensions for the iPhone mainly affected accessories such as screen protectors, cases, and docks such as those for speakers and chargers, including car kits. Many accessories have been released since then, and now there is almost as full a range of accessories for the iPhone 6 as for the iPhone 5. While ideally, a smart phone or tablet should always have a screen protector and a cover to protect it from dust and damage due to accidental dropping of the device, most accessories have a specialised function that may be useful to certain users. Visit this link https://www.ravsin.com.au/electronics/mobile-phones/screen-protectors/ for more info on iphone 6 screen protector.

App enabled accessories can change the whole function of a device, by turning it into, for example, a remote control, or a pinball machine. Other app enabled accessories can interact with an FM radio or a television, or turn an iPad into an Etch-a-sketch. App enabled accessories connect to the iPhone or iPad via the charging socket, the audio socket, or via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and are controlled by a specialised app, designed especially for that accessory. This can greatly increase the available functions of these devices. It is important to check before purchasing app enabled accessories, for which operating system the app is designed. An iOS app will not run on an Android device, for example, though some manufacturers may design their apps for more than one operating system.

These accessories and more may be purchased wherever one can buy iPad Mini accessories, which includes most electronics stores, some specialty stores, and many websites. Usually in these stores, products are grouped according to the device for which they were designed. They may also be grouped according to the type of connection, for example, a lightning cable, or Wi-Fi. If unable to find a particular accessory, asking sales assistants should yield results, if the store indeed carries the product and has it in stock.

Other useful accessories for iPhones and iPads include waterproofing, as most of these devices come into contact with water at some point, and can be damaged or destroyed by water. Some waterproofing can be infused into the outer shell of an iPhone by the application of a gas. Alternatively, waterproof cases can protect iPads from splashes and accidental immersion. Waterproofing a device is far more cost effective than replacing it if it gets wet.